Lynnique – Lymph drainage and massage

Quinn Therapy Pty Ltd, Lynnique Quinn 
I am from Macassar, close to Somerset West. Growing up, I have always wanted to be involved with rugby, as their first aid. Running on the field, to ease or relieve an injury and I dedicated many hours to doing this in my school years.

This passion led me to enrolling in Camelot International Pty Ltd, studying Therapeutic Massage Therapy. 
I began to understand the need for massage as not only as a relaxing treatment, but understanding that massage is a way of life, in maintaining muscle health and overall well-being of the Body, Mind and Soul. 
Injuries intrigue me, because I know with my knowledge and determination, it is a path I will take with my clients. I combine my massage modalities to work out a treatment plan. My three main fields of interest are:
Swedish Massage – most common, relaxing treatment that releases tension from the surface layers of muscles 
Sports Massage – manual manipulation of muscles which focuses on relieving tense and stiff muscles. Enhancing the circulation and increasing the flexibility. 
Manual Lymph Drainage – encourages the natural drainage of lymph. It is focused on the lymph vessels and maintaining the flow of the fluid.