Yoga classes with Lucy

I have been teaching yoga for over eight years and am particularly passionate about the dynamic flow of vinyasa yoga where breath and movement unite. As a keen runner, I love to share the benefits of yoga with other runners, cyclists and athletes. Adding yoga to your existing training program can greatly improve mobility and helps to reduce the risk of injury. Yoga is a great recovery activity on both a physical and mental level; not only does a regular yoga practice help to alleviate sore muscles, it improves mental focus, promotes self awareness and provides an opportunity to explore a deeper connection to the internal body.  Breath is also an important aspect of yoga and can be a valuable tool in athletic performance. In my classes I aim to develop mindful movement and mindful breath for an improved sense of well-being. It is an honour to share my passion with others as I continue to grow on my yoga journey.

Call Tsitsi or me on + (27) 60 625 3559 for bookings.

Prices R450 for private, R250 for 2 people, R180 for 3 people.