Carla Janson

I received my bachelor degree in physiotherapy at the University of Stellenbosch ( in 2002.  After completing my year of community service at Wynberg Military hospital in 2003, I went to the UK where I worked as a locum for just over a year in the ICU, respiratory and neurology fields. I then had the opportunity to work on a personal level with professional soccer players, namely from Arsenal Football Club.

This opened the door to working in Germany where I worked full time for the Reha Training Centre ( of Bayer Leverkusen. I treated and worked with professional and amateur soccer players, hockey players, handball players and  field and track athletes. I also treated national soccer players from South Korea and Russia who were specially sent to the Reha Training Centre for rehabilitation post-operatively.

In 2006, I started practicing at the ‘Zentrum for Diagnostik und Technik’ in the Dietmar Linsler praxis in Cologne, Germany (  My work involved mostly traumatic sports injuries, orthopaedics and rehabilitation.  In 2009 I opted for a change and I started a private practice in Cologne, Germany.

Finally in  2011, I returned to South Africa and worked at SPARC (the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre, in the Cape Quarter in Cape Town.

In June 2014, I opened my new practice in 3 Antrim road in Green point.

And as of recent, September 2018, I moved the practice and my team to Pinelands. It is a large heritage house with homely charm to it.

I treat patients after-hours from this practice and do home calls.